PCN Development/Committee Work

PCN Development/Committee Work

This compensation is available for Nurse Practitioners (NP) participating Primary Care Network (PCN) Development/Committee Work activities. This compensation increases NP involvement in PCN work and enhances overarching Primary Care leadership across the province.

To achieve objectives for these initiatives Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of British Columbia (NNPBC) will facilitate PCN Development/Committee work and Quality Improvement Initiatives compensation as outlined in policies.

**Please note that ALL PCN Development/Committee Work and Quality Improvement Initiatives compensation submissions must be submitted within 60 days of date of work completed.

If you have questions regarding PCN Development/Committee Work compensation, please email npinvoicing@nnpbc.com

PCN Development/Committee Work AND Quality Improvement Initiatives Claim Form

Submit your participation hours for reimbursement through the PCN/QI Claim Form here.