Licensing Fees

Licensing Fees

Annual licensing reimbursement is available to Nurse Practitioners that are independently contracted in PCN settings within the Province of British Columbia and is provided by the Ministry of Health via NP Provincial Initiatives and Programs (NP-PIP).  

This compensation is only available for primary care NPs working in publicly funded settings (PCN independent contractors and CHC employed). This compensation is not available to NPs working in for-profit settings or health authority employed NPs.  

Licensing Fees Claim Form

Ensure your claims:
  1. Are for expenses incurred within the last 6 months
  2. Include receipts with your name and purchase date
  3. Receipts that contain full information in a PDF or JPEG format. Screenshots will not be accepted
  4. You have attached your PCN Contract and direct deposit information if this is your first application

Submit your annual licensing reimbursement claim.