Quality Improvement Initiatives

Quality Improvement Initiatives

This compensation is available to primary care Nurse Practitioners (NPs) participating in Quality Improvement (QI) projects or QI education that meet the criteria listed in the policy below. This compensation is only available for primary care NPs working in publicly funded settings (PCN independent contractors, HA employed and CHC employed). This compensation is not available to NPs working in for-profit settings.

Each NP is entitled to compensation for up to 40 hours of QI projects and/or QI education per fiscal year at a rate of $122/hr.

**  Compensation for Nurse Practitioner QI Project Initiatives must have the following criteria met:  

  • Approval via the submission form. *Please note this option is available for independently contracted NPs only* OR 
  • Supported by Docs of BC Practice Support Program (PSP) coach OR 
  • Enrollment / work with the Health Data Coalition (HDC). (Updates on this process will be provided soon, please check back for details)

Quality Improvement Initiatives Claim Form


Submit your participation hours for reimbursement through the QI Claim form.

**Please note that ALL PCN Development/Committee Work and Quality Improvement Initiatives compensation submissions must be submitted within 90 days of date of work completed.

If you have questions regarding Quality Improvement Initiatives compensation, please email npinvoicing@nnpbc.com