Regional Leads

Regional Leads


Eliza Henshaw

Executive Director,
NP Provincial Initiatives and Programs


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Erin Berukoff

Director of Regional Leadership Program


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Tarah Reece

Indigenous Provincial Lead


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Kelvin Bei

Vancouver Regional Lead


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Jo Gorton

Vancouver Regional Lead


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Annaliese Hasler

Vancouver Regional Lead


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Lise Dawson

Island Regional Lead


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Sarah Jesshope

Island Regional Lead


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Jenny Krist

Fraser Regional Lead


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Chelsea Bruce

Fraser Regional Lead


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Colleen Patenaude

Northern Regional Lead


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Marjan Vizcaino

Interior Regional Lead


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Julia Walker

Interior Regional Lead



As a step to further integrate Nurse Practitioners into the province’s team-based primary health care system, the Regional Leadership Program is a collaborative initiative between Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC) and the Ministry of Health (MoH) to develop and deliver a leadership program, which includes an NP leader for each of the five regions across the province, including the Fraser, Interior, Island, Vancouver, and Northern regions. This includes an NP Regional Leader who can provide clinical and professional coaching, mentoring and leadership to contracted NPs working on Primary Care service contracts.  The NP Practice Leads will also act as liaisons with regional Primary Care Network (PCNs) partners to assist with NP role clarity in order to support successful integration of NPs into local PCNs. The overall objective is to ensure that each of the regions is well supported from a leadership and mentorship perspective to advance the NPs within their communities as leaders themselves.  

NNPBC’s Regional Leadership Team is responsible for direct practice support and mentorship of local, independently contracted NP’s within PCNs. This role aligns directly with the NP initiatives from the Ministry of Health related to Primary Care Networks (PCNs). Additionally, an Indigenous Provincial Lead supports Indigenous initiatives, practice support for NPs working with Indigenous people/communities and acts as a knowledge keeper/support with respect to integration of NP roles in Indigenous communities and settings.

If you would like to reach out to your Regional Lead or have any questions, please email nppracticesupport@nnpbc.com

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Regional Leads

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