Provider Wellness

Provider Wellness

These wellness video’s are an invitation to pause during the chaos of your everyday life, to reflect and connect to a deeper place within yourself through a series of holistic topics related to resilience and wellbeing. 

Certified Professional Coaches, Lori-anne Demers, Cathryn LeCorre, Jennifer Koh and Devaiya Ra, share their stories and professional wisdom, in a light and informal way, while also encouraging you to practice many of the techniques and concepts.

The 12 modules can be watched in any order or chronologically, as you wish, and they are as follows: Personal Empowerment, Stress Management, Letting Go, Forgiveness, Nature vs Nurture, Family Relational Harmony, Gratitude, Relationship to Time and Task, Grounding, Wellness, Appreciating Differences, and Being True to Yourself.

Each video is 5 – 15 minutes long.

If you would like to learn more about working with one of the Certified Professional Coaches click here.

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