Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) reimbursement is provided to encourage Nurse Practitioners to maintain high professional standards through continuing education, participate in professional activities, and have access to evidenced based clinical information and skills. CPD is the platform to ensure professional licensure and certification.

To achieve these objectives, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of British Columbia (NNPBC) will facilitate CPD expense reimbursements.

This funding is NOT available for NPs employed in Health Authorities or Private Practice Models.


This funding is available for Nurse Practitioners (NP) that are independently contracted in the Province of British Columbia.

Ensure your claims:

  1. Are for expenses incurred within the last 60 days
  2. Include receipts with your name and purchase date
  3. Receipts that contain full information in a PDF or JPEG format. Screenshots will not be accepted
  4. You have attached your PCN Contract and direct deposit information if this is your first application

Please refer to details of the funding policy below.

CPD Claim Form

Submit your CPD expense for reimbursement through the CPD Claim Form here.