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The Gift of Nursing this Mother's Day

The Gift of Nursing this Mother's Day

by Christina Larsen, BSN Student

As Nursing Week 2017 comes to an end, and with Mother’s Day coming on the last day of Nursing Week, I find myself thinking about what to do for my Mom this Sunday. Should I pick out a bouquet of flowers? Write a thoughtful message in a card? What about taking her to the spa? What could I possibly do for my Mom to show just how much I love her? Flowers, card, and spa trips are nice gifts but they don’t come close to showing the appreciation I have for her and everything she does.

My Mom is an ICU nurse and has been for nearly thirty years. Beyond the love that she shares with me, she expresses her nurturing nature through this work. Her dedication to the profession is awe inspiring, and her expertise and attention to detail is nothing short of amazing. She is everything you would want in a nurse; a safe and compassionate practitioner who thinks critically and is a fierce patient/client advocate. As a child I did not grasp the importance of what her work entails, but now as a nursing student, I better understand both the joys and challenges in nursing. In fact, she is the reason I am pursuing a career in nursing and most importantly is my mentor.

I am so thankful for all the sacrifices my Mom made to ensure I had a happy childhood and excellent education, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. My Mom graduated with her diploma in 1987. A lot has changed in nursing since then. This was a time where nursing graduates spent most of their careers in hospital wards. As the profession continues to grow, students like me are exposed to the vast array of nursing positions and ways in which we can work outside of the ward setting.

My final term of nursing school involves preceptoring with the Association of Registered Nurses of BC (ARNBC). At ARNBC, I will work alongside the staff to develop health policy. As a nursing student, this empowers me to use my practicum experience as one where I can analyze health care issues using an “upstream” approach. This means I can focus on illness prevention and health promotion advocacy work as the most effective way to improve the health of British Columbians.

The nursing profession has amazing potential to build each other up. Let us stand together as a unified force and a powerful voice that speaks for those who cannot. Let us use the wealth of nursing knowledge for good and work together to address the issues nurses, nursing students, and patients/clients face. Let us also take the time to appreciate each other as nurses and as family members' of nurses.

Ultimately, I realized that none of my prospective Mother’s Day gifts were right. I realized that the best gift I can give to my Mom is to try to live up to her by being the best nurse I can be. So on this Mother’s Day, while my Mom will be at work tending to the needs of her patients/clients and colleagues, I will be thinking of her and ways to use my preceptorship to advocate on her behalf. Thank you, Mom, and to all nurses and nursing students. I encourage everyone to take a few moments to express your appreciation, whether it’s Nursing Week or not and visit Langara College’s “Let’s Thank a Nurse” campaign where you can share your story about a nurse who has had an impact on your life.

Happy Nurses Week and Happy Mother’s Day!


Christina Larsen is a Term 9 Nursing Student at Langara College.  Christina is passionate about using her nursing knowledge to address health inequity at home and abroad.


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what a wonderful dedication to your mom for mother's day. This really captured the essence of mother's day. Thank you for sharing your inspiring words.

Dawn Tisdale

What a beautiful way to celebrate nursing and mother's day. I had the pleasure of meeting your mom last week and I can see how she has been an inspiration to your practice. She is tremendously proud of you and spoke about how you and the next generation of nurses are such strong advocates for patients and how inspired she is of the way you practice. Thank you for highlighting how nursing has evolved and will continue to shape policy and health care through collaboration and unity. Happy nurses day to you and your beautiful family!


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