NNPBC Governance & Structure

The NNPBC Board is comprised of 13 individuals who represent each nursing designation, students, the public, Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs) and the Nursing Education Council of BC (NECBC).

Nursing designations are represented by ‘Councils’. Councils are made up of elected members of each of the designations and have their own terms of reference. Each Council will appoint two individuals to sit on the NNPBC Board. These individuals will be the Directors of NNPBC and will have fiduciary responsibility for the activities of the organization.

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Councils will meet regularly and as part of their role will:

  • Discuss issues facing their designation.
  • Develop strategies for advancing their own designation as well as nursing as a whole.
  • Be spokesgroup for any media or advocacy issues that come forward.
  • Communicate with other Councils around shared issues.
  • Have a strong and vital voice on the NNPBC Board.

Each Council will reserve one Council position for an Indigenous nurse representing that designation. On a rotating basis, these Indigenous nurses will serve on the NNPBC Board.

The rest of the Board will be comprised of: one student representative, one public representative, one CNO representative and one NECBC representative.