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CEV patients

The materials linked below support your patients who are deemed "clinically extremely vulnerable" to COVID-19, as determined by the Ministry of Health. This group was given priority to register for the COVID-19 vaccine, ahead of their age-based cohorts starting in April 2021. As of September 2021, this group is also eligible for third doses per a recent health order.

The CEV groups included are based on evidence from other jurisdictions, B.C. data and were informed by B.C. clinicians. Clinical registries such as from BC Cancer, BC Renal and other health administrative data such as PharmaNet were utilized to assist letters getting to patients in the CEV grouping.

CEV patients eligible for third dose will be contacted by the provincial Get Vaccinated system about how and when to receive a third dose

Materials for NPs include:

  1. A Fact Sheet –includes the listing of the conditions included in the CEV group - (from the initial COVID vaccine roll-out in April 2021).
  2. A sample of the letter that patients will receive from Dr. Henry - (from the initial COVID-19 vaccine roll out in April 2021).
  3. "Attestation Letters" .

    • Initial COVID-19 vaccine roll-out in April 2021.
    • Third dose of COVID-19 vaccine roll out (updated form) as of May 2022.

If you are a member of NNPBC, the letters can be found here.
If you are NOT a member of NNPBC, please email info@nnpbc.com for a copy of the letter.


If patients believe they have met the first group criteria of severely immunocompromised patients and have not been contacted, they should get in touch with their health care provider.

More information is available on the BCCDC website and on the Government COVID-19 website.


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