NNPBC Clinical Corner – Delirium and Frailty Prevention Across Fraser Health and Beyond: The Frail Elderly-Older Adult Network Journey

Registration Required. Delirium is a complex neuropsychiatric medical emergency characterized by a sudden onset of hours to days, a fluctuating course, impaired memory, and inattention, as well as an altered level of consciousness and/or disorganized thinking. Despite being a common, serious and even deadly complication of hospital admission for many older people, delirium is often […]

NNPBC Clinical Corner – Allowing for an Authentic Death through Excellence in Symptom Management – Part 1: Pain Management

Registration Required. This presentation will be the first of two sessions highlighting the BC Centre for Palliative Care NP Pain Management Competencies as they pertain to pain management. The presentation will include real patient cases and address Opioid choice, principles of opioid titration, breakthrough dosing and the use of adjuvant medications. A later presentation will […]

NNPBC Clinical Corner – Update on Pediatric Asthma: Diagnosis, Management & Family Education

Registration Required. The presentation includes a brief overview of the prevalence and economic burden of pediatric asthma in Canada, followed by a review of asthma pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, triggers, diagnostic criteria, evidence-based management strategies, and patient /family education principles, in keeping with the most recent guideline updates by the Canadian Thoracic Society and BC […]

NNPBC Clinical Corner – The New Look of Pharmacy in BC

Registration Required. We will review the recent changes to pharmacists' scope of practice in BC and how pharmacists and Nurse Practitioners can leverage these changes to collaboratively improve patient care in the province.