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Consultations Gain Momentum Across B.C.

We have just finished our fifth week of consultations, and have been inspired to meet with nurses across B.C.  By the time we wrap up these consultations, we will have met with nurses from every specialty in every part of the province.

One thing we have heard from nurses over and over is how much they value having an opportunity to get together and talk about the future of the nursing profession.  We are honoured and privileged to be able to help provide opportunities for nurses to do just that!

We have heard a vast range of ideas and recommendations about how nurses want the Association to develop in the coming months and years.  We have learned:

  • Most nurses believe an Association would provide a much-needed voice in advocating for the profession in policy discussions.
  • Most nurses feel that the ARNBC must work with the College and the Union to establish clear roles for each organization.
  • Most believe that the ARNBC needs to discuss the fee issue further with both the College and the CNA, to ensure the best approach is taken to supporting the Association with dollars that are already being paid by nurses.
  • Nurses across the province are facing very similar challenges: confusion around skill-mix and scope of practice; increased workload; job uncertainty for nurse practitioners; loss of specialty practice groups; lack of understanding amongst the public of the role of nursing, etc.

Please visit the Consultations Page(http://www.arnbc.ca/consultations/index.php) to review other comments and ideas that have been raised throughout this process, to view videos featuring board members, see a map and calendar for sessions near you, or review and download resource materials so you can hold your own consultation session.

One of the common questions we’ve heard has been “What can a provincial nursing association do for me?” Our response:

  1. Connect you with other registered nurses across BC
  2. Include your voice in influencing change on social and health issues
  3. Link you with national and international nursing and interprofessional      organizations
  4. Support your professional practice and advance the profession of nursing

Thank you to all of those who have participated in one of our sessions.  Your wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the nursing profession have been a pleasure to observe and share.  We look forward to meeting more of you in the next weeks and, ultimately, in pulling together all of your thoughts and ideas into the ‘marching orders’ for the new Association.  Your voices will result in a powerful, united Association advocating for the nursing profession in British Columbia.

Best wishes to all BC nurses who are working full-out to deliver exceptional and safe care to all British Columbians.  More than ever we recognize that nurses are the heart and soul of our healthcare system.

Barbara Findlay-Reece and Andrea Burton of Monkeytree Creative Inc. have been travelling the province on behalf of the ARNBC, and along with Board Members, have met with many nurses to discuss the future of the Association, the burning issues and challenges that nurses face and how to build a stronger policy voice for nurses.  By the end of April, ARNBC will have met in person, or by phone, with nurses in Castlegar, Duncan, Hazelton, Kamloops, Kelowna, Kitimat, Nelson, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Parksville, Penticton, Port Alberni, Port Hardy, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Revelstoke, Richmond, Salmon Arm, Surrey, Terrace, Vancouver, Victoria and White Rock.


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Oh my gosh! I LOVED the consultation I went to. It was so amazing to hear educators, people in practice and other students like me give their perspective on what is going on in nursing. I learned so much and it inspired me to want to be involved in more of this kind of meeting.

Thank you ARNBC for inviting students to participate. I hope you continue to host opportunities to bring nurses together.

Linda Douglas

I was wondering if there were plans to meet with nurses in the East Kootenays? thank you


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