History of RPNs in BC: 1950 - 1999


The B.C. government repeals the "Nurses (Registered Psychiatric) Act" and designated registered psychiatric nursing under the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Regulation as a regulated profession pursuant to the "Health Professions Act". This action abolishes the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of B.C. and creates the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of B.C.


The Ministry of Health releases a new Mental Health Plan for B.C. titled "Revitalizing and Rebalancing British Columbia's Mental Health System". The Plan lays out a 7 year project to bring more services and better access to the chronically and persistently mentally ill.


The newly built Forensic Psychiatric Hospital opens replacing the original Riverside Unit.


Woodlands closes as all services for the developmentally delayed are transitioned into the community.


The Crease Clinic becomes the second Riverview building to close; marking the way for the building to start a second career as a filming location.


The Mental Health Initiative introduces a comprehensive plan for the development of mental health services throughout the province. It focuses on replacing Riverview with smaller, more specialized regional facilities.


The B.C. Mental Health Society is established and takes over management of Riverview; the society's provincially-appointed trustees are replaced by a community-based board of governors in 1992.


The Nurses (Registered Psychiatric) Act and new bylaws are approved followed in 1989 by Legislative amendments to the Nurses (Registered Psychiatric) Act, [Section 15(3)] which protected to the title 'Nurse' for those persons who were registered with the appropriate governing body which essentially was the start of mandatory registration.


Tranquille is closed in the wake of a nationwide trend to de-institutionalizing the developmentally disabled.


Review and recommendations are submitted to the government which support severing the two components of the RPNABC: labour relations from the professional association and leads to the creation of the Union of Psychiatric Nurses.