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Doctors Should not be a Business, by Hannah Varto, MN, NP(F)

I had a patient recently go to the Emergency Department (ED) for a pregnancy test!  It was a very expensive pregnancy test…not for her, but for our health care system.  The cost of this test came out of my pocket and yours.  I reflected about how and why our patients use the ED and the unfortunate state of our health care system. The ED has replaced general primary health care… Read More »Doctors Should not be a Business, by Hannah Varto, MN, NP(F)

BC Nurse Practitioners in the News

UPDATE, January 13, 2013:  The discussion around nurse practitioners in B.C. continues to evolve on the Globe and Mail Website.  On January 11, 2013, Dr. Ross submitted a Letter to the Editor [Click here to view] querying whether or not the 'numbers add up'.  Subsequentlly, Rosemary Graham, BCNPA President, has shared the following message with ARNBC [Click here to view].  The BCNPA would like to hear the views of nurses, colleagues and the public… Read More »BC Nurse Practitioners in the News


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