NNPBC is a not for profit society registered in the province of British Columbia
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About the RPN Council


To collaborate amongst Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs) to establish consistent recommendations and responses to common and or emerging nursing issues in British Columbia.

To work collaboratively and reciprocally with the NNPBC Board to ensure the RPN voice is heard in all health and social policy discussions and that the RPN perspective is recognized as one key component of the nursing profession in the province of British Columbia.

  • The RPN Council consists of elected representatives who will administer a budget (to be used primarily to bring the Councils together for face to face meetings) and have autonomy over how many elected representatives sit on the council and which regions/areas they represent.
  • Each spring, RPN Councillors will be elected by RPNs via online voting.
  • Each Council will reserve one Council position for an Indigenous nurse representing that designation. On a rotating basis, these Indigenous nurses will serve on the NNPBC Board.
  • Each Council will appoint two elected individuals to sit on the NNPBC Board.
  • Councils will meet regularly to review, identify and discuss practice and policy issues that impact their designation, and will bring these issues to the NNPBC Board.
  • The four Councils will communicate and work with each other on a routine basis around shared issues, opportunities and programs and services through the NNPBC Board of Directors and staff.
  • Each Council will also serve as the spokesgroup for any media or advocacy issues related to their designation, ensuring that the appropriate designation speaks to issues as they arise.

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