Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC
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NNPBC is a not for profit society registered in the province of British Columbia in September, 2018

Student Services
Nursing students and new graduates are the future of the profession, but they also face barriers as they move into the workplace (e.g., high attrition rates, lack of leadership opportunities and inconsistent and inadequate transition supports). In consultation with students and new graduates across the province, NNPBC's IGNITE Student and New Graduate Program was established.

IGNITE provides comprehensive resources, a platform for dialogue and opportunities to network. We invite you to explore and learn about the IGNITE program and continue to work in partnership with your professional association and colleagues to build a strong, supported and unified nursing profession. Join the IGNITE movement!

Please note that NNPBC’s Student Services are currently being revamped. Please contact NNPBC’s Nursing Advisor with any questions about NNPBC’s IGNITE - Student and New Grad Program at