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NNPBC is a not for profit society registered in the province of British Columbia in September, 2018

2019 Nursing Awards of Excellence
Nominate a Colleague

The deadline for nominations was 4pm on September 13, 2019.

* You must have the nominees' permission before submitting a nomination. In most cases, Lifetime Achievement excepted, the nominee must be an LPN, NP, RN or RPN in good standing registered with their college.

** You will not be able to save your information and return to the online submission form. Please ensure you have collected all of the necessary information before submitting the form.


Guidelines for letters of support

Letters of support should clearly provide examples of how the nominee meets each of the specific criteria for the award. At least two letters of support from active/practising nurses (of any designation) are required per nomination with a maximum of five letters in total.

NNPBC Awards Committee Guiding Principles

The NNPBC Awards Committee will have representation from each of the four Councils. The Committee takes its work very seriously and operates based on a series of broad guiding principles in the fair adjudication of the NNPBC Nursing Awards of Excellence.

These include:
  • Excellence is broadly understood as the process of exceeding the expectations of the profession by frequently and consistently going above and beyond the standards set forth by the respective colleges of each of the nursing designations.
  • The Board recognizes that true excellence must also contain an element of leadership. To this end, the Committee accepts and uphold the definition of nursing leadership as defined by the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA): "Nursing leadership is about critical thinking, action and advocacy - and it happens in all roles and domains of nursing practice. Nursing leadership plays a pivotal role in the immediate lives of nurses and it has an impact on the entire health system and the Canadians it serves."
  • The Committee also adheres to the principle of diversity and inclusion set forth by the NNPBC. "NNPBC is committed to the concepts of diversity and cultural competence and believes strongly in the importance of including and integrating individuals who represent all areas of nursing practice, irrespective of location, and who represent different groups as defined by race, ethnicity, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation age, disability, national origin and religion."
  • The Awards Committee reserves the right to move a nominee into a different category if it deems the nomination category to be inappropriate or that the candidate is more worthy of a different award.
  • The recommendation of the Awards Committee is not final until it is ratified by the Board.
  • Should new information about a nominee come to light after the Committee has submitted its recommendations, it is the sole discretion of the Board to review and possibly revoke any award that has been recommended.

Rural & Remote practice

Should providing two to five letters from nurses and/or other stakeholders prove extremely difficult because of rural, remote or geographic limitations, the letters may be from members of the health care team and/or members of the remote community in which the nominee is practising.

If a nomination package contains fewer than two letters from nurses then a letter must be included with the nomination package that outlines the reasons as to why the work setting is considered rural or remote and/or additional letters from nurses is not feasible.