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2019 Nursing Awards of Excellence
Awards and Criteria
2019 Nursing Awards of Excellence will be offered in the following categories:

The deadline for nominations was 4pm on September 13, 2019.

Lifetime Achievement *

This award is presented to an LPN, NP, RN and/or RPN, either active or retired, who has made outstanding contributions to the nursing profession at provincial, national and/or international levels throughout their career. This is the most prestigious honour granted by NNPBC. It is given only when such an honour has been earned, and normally at the later stage of a nursing career. The winner of this award must have had a substantial and demonstrable impact in at least three of the five following areas:
  • Nursing practice, through the advancement of improved patient care;
  • Nursing education, through progressive or innovative teaching;
  • Nursing education, through progressive or innovative teaching;
  • Health care, government, or the public, in relation to nursing; and
  • The nursing profession in general.

* No more than one Lifetime Achievement Award can be granted for each designation per year.

Excellence in Nursing Administration

This award is presented to nurses who excel as nursing administrators in any setting.

Nominees must demonstrate excellence in at least four of the following areas:
  • Empowers staff to actively participate in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care and the efficient delivery of services
  • Promotes a culture where staff are positive, challenged and involved
  • Advocates for nurses in the health care setting
  • Leads by example by demonstrating respect, integrity and collegiality
  • Demonstrates commitment to staff development and implementation of organizational goals, priorities and strategies
  • Consistently advocates for nursing and nursing in the health-care setting
  • Participates in setting and carrying out organizational goals, priorities, and strategies
  • Participates in setting and carrying out organizational goals, priorities, and strategies
  • Provides for allocation, optimum use and evaluation of resources such that standards of nursing practice can be met
  • Maintains information systems appropriate for planning, budgeting, implementing and monitoring the quality of services
  • Provides leadership that is visible, visionary and proactive
  • Influences change in health-care delivery
  • Evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of nursing services

The above criteria are adapted from the Canadian Nurses Association standards for nursing administration.

Excellence in Advancing Nursing Knowledge & Research

This award is presented to nurses who demonstrate excellence in nursing research.

Nominees must demonstrate excellence in at least four of the following areas:
  • Conducts research that has a demonstrated applied or practice application
  • Contributes to the development of nursing research as a principal investigator or co-investigator, or plays a significant role in advancing nursing research within a health care organization
  • Acts as a role model, a mentor and consultant to foster the development of beginning nurse researchers
  • Provides evidence of external review (peer or otherwise), evaluating the outcomes of completed research
  • Promotes the knowledge translation of research findings to nursing practice settings
  • Obtains competitive funding for nursing research
  • Contributes to the communication of nursing research findings through presentations at national and international conferences, other public speaking engagements, consultation and publication

Excellence in Nursing Advocacy

This award is presented to the nurse (or group of nurses) who has made outstanding efforts in advocating for health benefits to a specific group or in advocating for health system change. In the case of a group award, a significant majority (two-thirds) must be active, practising nurses.

Nominees must meet all of the following criteria:
  • The advocacy work must have resulted in a significant act(s) or specific decision(s) and have been the primary reason the significant action or decision was made
  • The advocacy action(s) or decision(s) were marked by outstanding effort, process, or innovation
  • The advocacy work must have exceeded the normal expectations of nursing practice, and
  • The advocacy work was inclusive and respectful of the values and personal autonomy of those affected by it
In the event the advocacy work was conducted in an area of controversy, nominees made efforts to mediate and reach consensus with those holding disparate views

The advocacy must have been conducted within the requirements of the professional standards and the Canadian Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses.

Advocacy can result in actions that require investigation and rulings by legal and/or regulatory authorities. Should the advocacy result in pending legal action or action by a regulatory body against the nominee(s), then the nominee(s) will be disqualified until a decision has been rendered by the court or regulatory body.

Excellence in Nursing Education

This award is presented to nurses who demonstrate excellence in nursing education in the nurses' own work settings (e.g., colleges, institutes, universities or health care agencies).

Nominees must demonstrate excellence in at least four of the following areas:
  • Demonstrates an in-depth and current knowledge of subject matter
  • Demonstrates recognizable excellence in pedagogical approaches (e.g. lecture, demonstration, discussion, clinical and/or laboratory instruction)
  • Provides consultation, tutoring, advice, or supervision, including research or major project supervision
  • Develops and designs innovative programs, curricula or courses
  • Establishes a stimulating, engaging, and motivating learning environment
  • Attends to individual learning needs through flexible learning approaches
  • Promotes the advancement of nursing knowledge and utilization of research findings in the educational context
  • Demonstrates effectiveness as an educator (such as evidenced through peer and student evaluation)
  • Demonstrates effective leadership in educational planning and policy making
  • Authors or co-authors high quality educational materials, (such as study guides, instructional materials and resources, audiovisual aids, textbooks)

Excellence in Nursing Leadership

The winner demonstrates outstanding individual contributions in nursing leadership.

The winner must demonstrate excellence in at least four of the following criteria:
  • Has significant and successful experience in a full-time senior leadership position (Vice President, Director, Clinical Manager, etc.) in a health care sector (i.e., hospitals, health care centres and associations, community health care organizations, etc.
  • Demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities and has contributed innovative and effective results for the health care system, staff, patients and the organization
  • Displays a commitment and contribution to professional associations through membership and active participation
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the nursing profession through leadership in one or more of the following categories: clinical practice, leadership, education, research and quality improvement activities
  • Recognized as an accomplished leader at the forefront of innovation in their community of peers and colleagues through awards, publications and other demonstrable achievements
  • Contributes as a leader to effect broad change in health care services integration

Excellence in (LPN, NP, RN or RPN) Practice

This award is presented to nurses who demonstrate excellence in clinical practice within the scope of their specific regulatory designation.

Nominees must demonstrate excellence in: Nursing knowledge, Clinical decision-making, and Professional accountability and responsibility.

Nominees must demonstrate excellence in at least four of the following areas:
  • Demonstrates outstanding abilities in the delivery of patient-centred care
  • Fosters a healthy culture of respect, integrity and collegiality within the health-care team
  • Actively advocates for patients and families and for the care provided to them
  • Demonstrates initiative in influencing positive changes in care delivery using evidence-based practice
  • Demonstrates leadership in the development and implementation of programs for patients, families and/or community
  • Incorporates and shares learning gained through professional development into their practice setting

Innovation in Nursing

NNPBC defines innovation as doing things differently or doing different things in order to achieve large-scale or systemic change. Innovation is novel, inspiring and goes beyond the implementation of a new idea. True innovators model the change they want to see in their work setting by designing, implementing, promoting and inspiring.

This award is presented to the nurse who typically has a broad base of nursing experience in more than one domain of nursing (clinical practice, education, administration, research) and is recognized as an expert and innovator in their practice area. Possible areas of innovation could include significant practice changes, new approaches to health promotion or public health, technological or system innovations, introducing new ideas with the potential to change the way nursing takes leadership in an area of health care.

Rising Star in (LPN, NP, RN or RPN) Practice

This award is presented to a recently graduated nurse entering into entry-level practice within five years of the deadline for NNPBC award nominations. The recipients will have exceeded the expectations of their employers or colleagues and demonstrate excellence in the nursing profession within their respective designation. As with the Nursing Practice Awards, the Rising Star Awards will be named according to the designation.

Nominees must meet all the following general criteria:
  • Nominees must have graduated within five years of the nomination deadline. For example, if the nomination deadline is July 2019, nominees must have graduated within five years of that date
  • Consistently demonstrates excellence as a professional nurse
  • Consistently demonstrates responsibility for his/her own professional development
  • Demonstrates leadership skills and attributes
  • Demonstrates awareness of the importance of meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families
  • Provides nursing care that is caring, respectful and sensitive to each patient, family member and co-worker
  • Participates in the activities of professional, health-related organizations outside of own agency (not required as part of employment)
  • Actively demonstrates innovative and progressive ideas in nursing
  • Demonstrates a positive influence and attitude within their health care team and energizes other team members by being a force for positive change
  • Consistently demonstrates excellence in interpersonal relationships and communication skills

Please note:
  • The Awards Committee reserves the right to re-classify any applicant into an award category that better suits the criteria as laid out above.
  • Should any information not previously reported about a nominee come to light that may impact their receipt of the award, it is the sole discretion of the Awards Committee to review and, if necessary, revoke an award.



NNPBC Awards Committee Guiding Principles

The NNPBC Awards Committee will have representation from each of the four Councils. The Committee takes its work very seriously and operates based on a series of broad guiding principles in the fair adjudication of the NNPBC Nursing Awards of Excellence.

These include:
  • Excellence is broadly understood as the process of exceeding the expectations of the profession by frequently and consistently going above and beyond the standards set forth by the respective colleges of each of the nursing designations.
  • The Board recognizes that true excellence must also contain an element of leadership. To this end, the Committee accepts and uphold the definition of nursing leadership as defined by the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA): "Nursing leadership is about critical thinking, action and advocacy - and it happens in all roles and domains of nursing practice. Nursing leadership plays a pivotal role in the immediate lives of nurses and it has an impact on the entire health system and the Canadians it serves."
  • The Committee also adheres to the principle of diversity and inclusion set forth by the NNPBC. "NNPBC is committed to the concepts of diversity and cultural competence and believes strongly in the importance of including and integrating individuals who represent all areas of nursing practice, irrespective of location, and who represent different groups as defined by race, ethnicity, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation age, disability, national origin and religion."
  • The Awards Committee reserves the right to move a nominee into a different category if it deems the nomination category to be inappropriate or that the candidate is more worthy of a different award.
  • The recommendation of the Awards Committee is not final until it is ratified by the Board.
  • Should new information about a nominee come to light after the Committee has submitted its recommendations, it is the sole discretion of the Board to review and possibly revoke any award that has been recommended.

Rural & Remote practice

Should providing two to five letters from nurses and/or other stakeholders prove extremely difficult because of rural, remote or geographic limitations, the letters may be from members of the health care team and/or members of the remote community in which the nominee is practising.

If a nomination package contains fewer than two letters from nurses then a letter must be included with the nomination package that outlines the reasons as to why the work setting is considered rural or remote and/or additional letters from nurses is not feasible.