NNPBC Award of Merit

NNPBC is pleased to offer the NNPBC Award of Merit to outstanding nursing students of any nursing designation who are currently enrolled in a BC nursing program. This award celebrates the outstanding students who demonstrate leadership, innovation, professionalism, and ethical behaviour in their student nursing practice.

The NNPBC Award of Merit will be offered three times a year in April, September, and December. Nominations for the award may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Please make note of nomination submission deadlines for the nomination to be considered in the next adjudication period. One student may be selected as the winner from each adjudication period.

The winning student from each period will receive a framed certificate, leadership pin, $1000 prize, and will have their name and school featured on the NNPBC website and in a media release. Additionally, each winning student within the calendar year will have their bio featured as part of the NNPBC Nursing Awards of Excellence programme and will be invited to attend the annual awards ceremony (may be virtual or in-person, public health measures depending).


  • The nominee and primary nominator must be NNPBC members in good standing at the time of submission.
  • The nominee must be a student in good standing enrolled in any one of BC's nursing education programs.
  • The nominee must demonstrate academic excellence.
  • The nominee should demonstrate exceptional skills in the following areas:
    • Leadership
    • Innovation
    • Professionalism
  • The nominee should act as a mentor, inspiration, and role model to others either in their school or through community volunteerism.
  • The nominee should promote, foster, and articulate a clear and positive vision for the nursing profession.


All nominations can be submitted via our online submission form. Students are not eligible to nominate themselves but are expected to work with their nominators to produce and compile required documents. Please note, once you begin the nomination process you will not be able to save your work. We recommend you assemble all materials prior to starting your submission.
For the nomination you will need:

  • The nominee's full name, email, mailing address, and school.
  • A short bio of the student (300-500 words) including a photo, outlining why they went into nursing, what they enjoy most in their nursing education, and/or what they most look forward to in their nursing career.
  • A verification form signed by the Dean of the student's nursing program that certifies the student is in good standing and has demonstrated academic excellence.
  • Three nomination letters from educators, Dean/Director, other students, employers, or community leaders. Please note, letters should be from those who know the student in an educational and/or professional capacity and can speak to a broad range of knowledge of the student's work.
  • Each letter should clearly articulate how the student meets the criteria.

Begin Nomination

Submission Deadline

Nomination submissions are accepted at any time throughout the year, but awards will be presented in April, September, and December.
NNPBC is currently accepting nominations for December 2022.

  • Deadline for December 2022 is November 15, 2022.



All applicants will be adjudicated by a committee assembled by NNPBC.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@nnpbc.com.

NPBC Award of Merit Nomination Form