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Compass Mental Health - A provincial service for primary care providers

BC Children's Hospital Compass is a new service for providers who are supporting children and youth (up to 25) with mental health and substance use concerns across the province. Compass connects community care providers to the information, advice and resources they need to provide appropriate and timely care to children and youth close to home.

When a community care provider calls for a consultation, they receive access to a multi-disciplinary team that includes child and youth psychiatrists, mental health and substance use clinicians and a care coordinator. The Compass team can help with diagnostic clarification, medication recommendations and treatment planning. Support is available for a wide range of issues including substance use, mental health, behavioural and family challenges, trauma and general guidance when things aren’t going well.

Community care providers such as primary care providers, substance use clinicians, child & youth mental health clinicians, specialist physicians and pediatricians can contact Compass Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. by calling 1.855.702.7272.

For more information about Compass, visit or register for a free online information session.