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NNPBC is a not for profit society registered in the province of British Columbia in September, 2018

NP Recruitment for Primary Care
In May of 2018, the Ministry of Health announced the creation of 200 new Primary Care Nurse Practitioner and 200 new Family Physician positions over the next three years as part of their plan to reform and improve primary health care service provision in BC. The MOH’s goal is to increase attachment of patients through the development of Primary Care Networks. NPs across BC are key stakeholders with an important role in assisting with this transformation of primary health care delivery to a team based, collaborative model.

In response to this announcement, initially the BC Nurse Practitioner Association and now the NP council of NNPBC has been working closely with the MOH to ensure the successful implementation and integration of NPs into a supported and optimized practice environment. We want to ensure NPs in these new roles have all the clinical and operational supports required for success. We have engaged with the MOH on the key areas of recruitment, practice support, and the Provincial NP contract template.

Recruitment: HealthMatchBC has now launched a recruitment marketing campaign to attain early expressions of interest from NP candidates for the initial 11 communities in the first phase of the implementation. The BCNPA provided initial feedback and support in the recruitment processes. Moving forward, the MOH, HealthMatchBC, and the NP Council of NNPBC will continue to work together to ensure the successful integration of NPs over the next three years.

Practice Supports: The NP Council of NNPBC and the Provincial NP Advisory Network are engaged in discussions with the Nursing Practice Secretariat and other MOH stakeholders to clarify and identify the supports required for NPs to work successfully in this new practice environment. There will be further information provided on these practice supports when it becomes available.

Provincial NP Contract Template: The NP Council provided feedback and guidance to the MOH regarding the contracts for these new positions. The NP council expects to be able to share more specific details by the end of August 2018. The NP council will continue to provide support and assistance to NPs who choose to embark on this new opportunity for clinical practice.

We encourage all NPs to be informed, stay involved, and to continue to provide leadership in health care which is a keystone of our practice. If you have any questions or comments please send them to