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Your LPN Councillors: Meet your Councillors!

NNPBC is delighted to have opportunity to feature your LPN Councillors over the coming weeks so that you, the LPNs of BC, get to know each of them.

This week, we are pleased to feature:

Teresa McFadyen, LPN Council President

Teresa McFadyen currently works at Royal Jubilee, Oncology & General Medicine in beautiful Victoria, BC. Right out of high school, she knew she wanted to be a nurse but first went on to marry and have four children. When her youngest was 16, she decided it was time to fulfill her professional dream, and head back to school to become an LPN. While Teresa loves her current job, her passion is palliative care. As Teresa notes there is an honour and privilege in being present with patients and families during such an intimate time as death. While death sad and scary it is nurses who provide clarity and comfort.

Teresa is also passionate about ensuring that key issues for LPNS, such as being able to work to full scope, knowledge and competencies are tackled head on. LPNs possess a broad skill set yet there are often barriers to practice that is frustrating and ultimately not beneficial for good or safe patient care. As a passionate learner and nurse, Teresa has always strived to take her career in new and exciting directions.

As your LPN Council President, Teresa is proud to serve the LPNs of BC. "I would want my LPN colleagues across BC to know that your Council is here for you. We are here to listen to your needs to talk to you about your key issues and to surface those issues at the NNPBC Board table for discussion and action from a broader nursing perspective."

When Teresa is not advocating for nurses, she enjoys spending time with her family which includes a supportive husband, four adult children, four grandsons, two large rescue dogs and two rescued parrots. She also loves to spend time with friends, riding her motorcycle, gardening, sewing, reading and enjoying the outdoors.

Feel free to reach out to Teresa by emailing her at