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NNPBC is a not for profit society registered in the province of British Columbia in September, 2018

Policy & Advocacy: Rural and Remote Nursing
The Rural and Remote Policy Table of the Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia was developed to provide government with a mechanism to communicate with rural and remote nurses to identify policy issues and solutions related to rural and remote nursing and health. The Rural and Remote Policy Table was comprised of rural and remote registered nurses and nurse practitioners who provide direct care across the province, as well as rural clinical practice educators, rural researchers and rural nurse educators. While this was not the only policy table influencing rural and remote health care in B.C., it was one way to ensure that rural and remote nursing voices are considered. The discussion paper linked below was developed by the ARNBC policy table and followed the organizational mandate of focusing only on registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

With the province moving to one nursing association to represent all designations of nursing in B.C., this document is an NNPBC document, but is currently limited to the scope covered during the final phase of writing - registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

NNPBC however, believes that registered nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses and registered psychiatric nurses play a vital role in providing high quality patient care in rural and remote communities.

Read the paper: Enhancing Rural and Remote Nursing Practice for a Healthier B.C.