Your Regional Leads

Danielle Daigle

Director NP Provincial Initiatives & Island Regional Lead
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    Dani is a Family Nurse Practitioner providing primary care in Campbell River, BC at the North Island Medical Clinic and the Positive Wellness team in the North Island. Dani works with vulnerable and medically complex populations including those who are homeless, experience issues with mental health and substance use, women at risk, First Nations, and those living with hepatitis C and HIV. She holds a subspecialty certification from the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV care. Known to wear many hats, Dani brings leadership and dedication to ensuring the success of the Ministry of Health’s primary health care strategy. Dani sits on the Primary and Community Care Advisory Forum (PCCAF), is a Ministry of Health appointed core voting member on the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC), and holds a seat on the MoH/NNPBC NP Provincial Services Committee. Dani served as the British Columbia Nurse Practitioner Association’s Conference Chair for 2 years, delivering a rich educational and networking opportunity for NPs across the province and is the Past President (ex-officio) of the NP Council of NNPBC.
    Dani enjoys skiing at Mount Washington and has volunteered for the Mount Washington Ski Patrol for the past 11 years. She has two children and loves family adventures that include exploring the gorgeous nooks and crannies that BC offers by either hiking, camping, biking, skiing, horseback riding, and/or kayaking.

NNPBC-Regional-Leads-Dr Jennifer Krist

Dr. Jennifer Krist

Fraser Region
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    Jenny joins us bringing her experience as faculty lecturer and clinical liaison with the Master of Nursing – Nurse Practitioner program at the University of British Columbia. Jenny has been instrumental in leading a variety of initiatives including implementation and integration of the NP role during the launch of Surrey’s first Community Birth Program, at the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre with Fraser Health Authority. Jenny also helped to create an expanded NP role with two primary care clinics in Surrey and North Vancouver. Jenny has a part-time practice in a multidisciplinary clinic in Surrey providing primary care maternity services to women and families. In 2019, Jenny completed her Doctor of Nursing (DNP) studies with a quality improvement study focus on preeclampsia risk factor screening and early disease education in pregnant women. Jenny enjoys mentoring and supporting NPs in a variety of clinical settings. She is a proud mother of four children and in her spare time enjoys hot yoga, spin classes, and spending quality time with loved ones.

NNPBC-Regional-Leads-Kelvin Bei

Kelvin Bei

Vancouver Region
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    Kelvin is well known to NNPBC where he also serves on the NP Council and is the current chair of the newly formed PCN NP Community of Practice. He has a strong primary care background and provided enthusiastic leadership on several initiatives including the creation of a new primary care centre in Port Hardy and an unprecedented collaboration between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Vancouver Coastal Health Primary Care. Kelvin is also involved in BCCNP’s Professional Practice Standards Committee to broaden NP scope of practice and is collaborating with BCCDC to create a provincial Hepatitis C management practice support program for NPs. Outside of work, he can be found keeping honeybees, making art, or hiking local trails.

NNPBC-Regional-Leads-Eliza Henshaw

Eliza Henshaw

Vancouver Region
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    Eliza joins us from the Tsleil-Waututh Health Department where she provides primary care to First Nations people on reserve. She has been practicing as an NP within various primary care settings for 10 years. During a one-year secondment, Eliza’s leadership was instrumental in the program redesign of child and youth mental health and substance use services related to withdrawal management. Eliza currently serves as an active leader in the NP community, with involvement with BCCNP Quality Assurance Program, and continued care at various sites focusing on mental health and addictions. In her free time, Eliza enjoys spending time with her kids, practices Vedic meditation, values an active lifestyle, and is committed to lifelong learning.

NNPBC-Regional-Leads-Julia Walker

Julia Walker

Interior Region
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    Julia joins us bringing her vast experience in multiple primary care settings in and around the Okanagan. Currently, Julia is the NP lead at the Urgent and Primary Care Centre, one of the new models of care for the provincial primary care strategy. As well, Julia is a key team member, bringing primary care services to the Westbank First Nation community for the past four years. Prior to this, she managed clients at the Opioid Agonist Clinic, and also provided services to the communities of Penticton Indian Band and Osoyoos Indian Band. Additionally, Julia was the first nurse practitioner to provide primary care in the Merritt. Julia’s contribution as a leader across many sites has required forging new roles for Nurse Practitioners and working collaboratively with the Interior Health Authority and First Nation Health Authority. When she is not working, Julia loves to spend time outdoors with her family hiking, kayaking, and paddleboarding in the summer and skiing in the winter.

NNPBC-Regional-Leads-Shawna Glassel

Shawna Glassel

Northern Region
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    Shawna joins us from Burns Lake, British Columbia where she provides primary care to a diverse population within the Lakes District. Shawna has provided NP leadership at the local Medical Advisory Committee and Perinatal Committee. She has built relations with her local First Nations Health Authority through her collaboration with healthcare members of Carrier Sekani Family Services. Shawna has been an active leader in the NP community, previously serving on the NNPBC Conference planning committee. She spends much of her free time teaching her dogs (and husband) how to fish.


Patti Telford

Project Manager, NP Provincial Initiatives
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    Patti is a project manager with 30+ years of experience in healthcare across Canada, the United States and Australia. Patti is adept at moving easily between high-level strategies to envision, design, and implement organizational transformation and on the ground, execution to increase efficiency, advance the nursing profession to ultimately impact patient outcomes. Creative and meticulous with a strong commitment to people, Patti's experience as a Registered Nurse and leader facilitates her serving clients in complex environments. Patti loves the outdoors, is a ferocious reader, and steady advocate for human rights.

NNPBC-Regional-Leads-Kayleigh Maryon

Kayleigh Maryon

Project Assistant, NP Provincial Initiatives
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    Worked as a Virtual Assistant for creative entrepreneurs for the past two years. Over ten years of experience as an Executive Assistant in the health and wellness industry. Specializing in organization, customer relations, and Pinterest management. Passionate about making mental health and wellness a priority in everyday life. In my free time you will often find me adventuring in the mountains or curled up with a cup of coffee and a good book.