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World Health Day 2023

On April 7 we celebrate World Health Day 2023 with the theme "Health for All". This theme speaks to the vision of a future where all people have access to health services when and where they need them without obstacle or hardship. In a world where there is "Health for All", health care services are accessible, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable for everyone.

75 Years of the World Health Organization

This year also marks the 75th anniversary of the World Health Organization and the World Health Day campaign. Founded in 1948 to promote global health and safety, the World Health Organization remains a pillar in the advancement of public health and health information around the world.


What does "Health for All" mean to you? What does "Health for All" look like in your local community? What are ways that we can increase "Health for All" at regional, national, and international levels? Share your thoughts on social media using the hashtags #WHO75 #HealthForAll and be sure to tag us @nnp_bc on Instagram and Twitter.

Discuss this year's theme with your colleagues, group or class and share materials and information from the 'Resources' section below.




A Message from Sherri Kensall, Board Chair


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