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NNPBC Open House

To celebrate National Nursing Week (May 6 - 12, 2019) NNPBC invites BC nurses to an open house on Tuesday, May 7th from 11am - 4pm. Come and join us for snacks, conversation and an afternoon of networking and connecting with colleagues.

Prizes are Available!


National Nursing Week 2019 - Posters

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National Nursing Week 2019  •  May 6 -12, 2019
Nurses: A Voice to Lead - Health for All

How Can I Celebrate?

  • Invite your nursing colleagues to a potluck lunch as a way to celebrate, network, and share.
  • Use the #voicetolead, #IND2019 and #NationalNursingWeek on your social media accounts and consider a posting a story about your nursing career. Or, you may choose to share with us why you became a nurse. Tag @nnp_bc on Twitter and we’ll retweet you!
  • Invite a nursing leader to present at your workplace or in your community.
  • Create a ‘thank you nurses’ board at your work and invite non-nursing staff and patients/clients to say thanks to the hard-working nurses.
  • Managers and leaders, show your thanks to the nurses you work with by writing personal notes of thanks to the nursing team.
  • Show your nursing pride! Wear your NNPBC 'Proud to be' lanyard and show the world you are proud to be a member of the nursing family.
  • Plan a lunch with a nursing colleague of a different designation. Sit down with each other and talk about your work and what you do each day as a chance to bond and to learn from, with and about each other.

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Nurses: A Voice to Lead - Health for All

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