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National Immunization Awareness Week  •  April 24 - 30, 2023

This year we celebrate National Immunization Week with the theme "Let's catch up with confidence." This theme serves as a reminder to the public that all vaccines in Canada are safe, effective, and provide the necessary protection against many diseases and illnesses, and that there's no time like the present to catch up with routine immunizations.

During this week, we celebrate advances in modern health thanks to the creation of life-saving immunizations and the leading role that nurses play in immunization research, uptake, and delivery.

#NIAW2023   #NursingKnows   #VaccinesWork   #GetImmunized

How to Get Involved

  • Download the Immunize Canada shareable resources which promote immunization to share with members of the public and on your social media.
  • Share the ImmunizeBC: Immunization Schedules information with your community! Find recommended immunization schedules for infants and young children, school-age children and teens, and adults.
  • Use this year's hashtags to post comments on social media and to share important information about immunization awareness and evidence-based resources: #NIAW2023 #NursingKnows #VaccinesWork #GetImmunized And don’t forget to tag NNPBC at @nnp_bc on Instagram and Twitter!



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