Advance Care Planning 2022

Nurses are often the ones British Columbians go to when they have questions around advance care planning. NNPBC encourages all nurses to be familiar with the basics of advance care planning.

What is advance care planning?

Advance care planning (ACP) is a process of thinking about and sharing one's beliefs, values and wishes for future health and personal care.

Why should nurses care?

Advance care planning helps us understand:

  • What is important to patients/client
  • Who the patient/client wants to make health care decisions for them
  • What health care treatments patients/clients would and would not want


Advance Care Planning Day

Every year on April 16th, we mark Advance Care Planning day. NNPBC encourages everyone to set aside some time on this day to talk to your friends, family and loved ones about your wishes in the event of a health care emergency.
ACP Day Resources from SpeakUp Canada