Municipal Elections 2022
The municipal governments we elect on October 15, 2022 will play an important role in shaping our communities. Candidates across all jurisdictions need to hear the voice of BC’s nurses regarding current issues facing all British Columbians, and to understand how valuable the nursing perspective is in bringing forth positive, solutions-focused approaches to health and public policy.

Municipal Elections 2022 Issues Summary


Election Toolkit Resources

In the lead up to the October 15, 2022 Municipal Elections, NNPBC is pleased to provide a series of tools that will help nurses hold meaningful discussion with candidates from all parties. The Association itself remains non-partisan but hopes that nurses across BC will take this opportunity to ask important questions of candidates and to remind our local political leadership that nurses can be a valued and knowledgeable source of information for health system planning and transformation locally, provincially, and nationally.

Nurses see patients every single day and strive to help them navigate our complex health care system in a manageable and compassionate way. Whether your goal is to raise candidates’ awareness of the issues that are impacting the nursing profession, make a balanced decision about your own vote, or help influence the direction of our new municipal government, NNPBC is keen to provide materials and information that will help you decide how you want to engage in the upcoming municipal elections.

Please feel free to review the key Municipal Election Issues as well as the toolkit resources linked on the right to learn how you can get involved.

We welcome submissions and suggestions that are related to this work. If you have an idea or request that is not reflected on this page, please email us at to share your thoughts.

Elections Resources & Information