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NNPBC Nursing Issues Workshop

Nurses have tremendous potential to influence transformative change within our health care system. As professionals, we encounter current and emerging issues that affect not only our practice, but the communities, patients, and families that we work with as well. However, in a complex health care system, it can be difficult to identify these issues, know who to approach for change, or know how to work towards a resolution.

The NNPBC Nursing Issues Workshop provides members with the necessary tools and tips to identify, address, and resolve current and emerging issues, and to advocate for ongoing growth across health and social care settings.

Please note that this workshop is designed for nurses of all designations (LPN, NP, RN, RPN) at any stage in their career, as well as for nursing students in any designation program in BC. Please complete the Nursing Issues Workshop Request Form to request a workshop for your group or class.

Topics include:

  • Identifying and addressing current and emerging issues
  • Communicating issues to colleagues, the public, policy and decision-makers
  • Determining key partners and the levels of engagement
  • Finding and analyzing available resources
  • Promoting awareness through social media


Course Dates:

  • Scheduled upon request


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