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Trauma Informed Care

While there continues to be greater recognition among healthcare providers around the importance of integrating trauma informed care into practice, some nurses simply, may have not had opportunity to familiarize themselves with the concepts, the impact, and rationale for incorporating trauma informed care practices. Research has illustrated the various types of trauma that one can experience and the associated physiological and mental health impacts which may result. It is well documented that health care providers' awareness of trauma informed practices may enhance outcomes for patients and prevent unintentionally re-traumatizing those entrusted to our care.

In collaboration with the Association of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of B.C. (ARPNBC), we are proud to present a two part webinar series on trauma informed care. The first webinar in the series will focus on theoretical foundations of trauma informed care and will encourage dialogue among practitioners and their experiences. The second webinar in the series will focus on strategies to integrate trauma informed care into practice.

Webinar Goal

To increase nurses' and health care providers' knowledge around trauma informed care.


By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:
  1. Identify the different types of trauma.
  2. Articulate the importance of integrating trauma informed care into nursing practice.



Tess Kroeker ADPN, BHS(PN), MBA, RPN

Tess Kroeker has been practicing as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) since 1995 working in a variety of contexts including the private sector and agencies such as Forensic Psychiatric Services, Correctional Service of Canada and Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. Tess also works as a consultant for RPN regulatory matters and as a subject matter expert for psychiatric nursing competencies and practice requirements. Tess is very passionate about the subject of Trauma Informed Care and interested in creating dialogue with nursing colleagues to improve awareness and support of practical strategies to integrate Trauma Informed Care into practice.