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Forensic Nursing Part 1: Emerging Global Speciality

Forensic nursing is an evolving speciality. In 1995, the American Nurses Association recognized forensic nursing as a speciality. Since then, this specialty has become recognized in several countries, including Canada. Forensic nurses play a pivotal role in today's health care system. From practicing as forensic nurse examiners, to forensic mental health nurses and nurse coroners, they continue to provide an increasingly important role in the areas of trauma, violence and crime. To learn more about the intersections between nursing, medicine, law enforcement and judicial systems, join us for a webinar!

Webinar Goal

To highlight the evolving role of forensic nursing in today's health care system.


By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:
  1. Articulate key milestones that have shaped the development of forensic nursing in Canada and internationally
  2. Describe the role of forensic nursing in Canada
  3. Articulate forensic nursing scope and standards of practice



Sheila Early RN, BScN

Sheila graduated from the University Of Saskatchewan School Of Nursing and has four decades of experience in health care. She is currently faculty within the Forensic Science and Technology Program at BCIT, acting as Coordinator/Instructor in the Forensic Health Sciences (FHS) Option.

Sheila also practices as a legal nurse consultant and educator. She has been known as a top leader in the field of forensic nursing where she developed the first sexual assault nurse examiner program in B.C. in 1992, performed the first medical forensic examination by a B.C. nurse examiner in 1994 and developed the first Canadian classroom curriculum for forensic health care in 2005. Sheila has also provided the initial education for sexual assault nurse examiners across many Canadian sites and has provided continuing education both nationally and internationally. Her 2016 publications include the Forensic Nursing Chapter in "The Lawyer's Guide to Forensic Sciences", a Forensic Nursing article in Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting (USA), and a co-authored Forensic Evidence Chapter in "Sexual Victimization across the Lifespan.".