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Education & Professional Development: STAND

Thoughts and perspectives on my recent STAND opportunity
By Jessica Key, RN.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend the 2018 CNA Biennial Convention.   Read more...

Strengthening Aboriginal Nursing Development (STAND)

The "Strengthening Aboriginal Nursing Development" (STAND) program was established to provide a pathway for leadership development for Indigenous nurses working in British Columbia.

Current Opportunity:

Please check back often as new opportunities arise!

Who can apply?

Any Indigenous nurse working in British Columbia* and in good standing with the college.

Why apply?

  • Network with nurse leaders from across Canada
  • Learn about the role, mandate and policy priorities of provincial and national nursing associations
  • Gain further knowledge on Indigenous health and nursing contexts in B.C. and nationally

How to apply:

Applications for the CINA workshop and CNA Conference closed at 4pm on May 14th, 2018.

Selection Criteria:

The successful applicants will be selected by special committee.

Please feel free to direct any questions to


Thoughts and perspectives on my recent STAND opportunity

By Jessica Key, RN

I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend the 2018 CNA Biennial Convention.

As a brand new graduate and Indigenous nurse, I'm doing my best to keep an open mind and take in as much as I can about the power of nursing - and wow, did I get a great taste of how incredible our profession really is! The scope and reach of the work of individual nurses, teams, organizations at all levels was exciting and inspiring to witness. Everything from using nursing process to drastically reduce wait times for scans in a hospital in Newfoundland to the profound economic impact of nursing in the UK was just fascinating. I especially loved a session on Social Justice, where one of my University of British Columbia professors, Paddy Rodney, spoke about high level policy work and using the profession of nursing to push for equity across domains. In this same panel, I met a nurse and researcher who has supported land-based resiliency programming with a BC First Nation. They have collected data and research that points to the efficacy of outdoor and land based opportunities, driven and directed by youth and elders from the area, as being a protective factor for youth at risk of deteriorating mental health and suicide - which of course are propagated by the lasting and ongoing effects of colonialism and trauma.

This really resonated with me as my sister and some family members from my community have been slowly working towards developing land based programming for our youth and elders and our goals are similar to the programs that were discussed! I was able to connect with this nurse at the conference and have gained a valuable resource and ally. This changed the way that I can conceptualize how I can serve my communities as a nurse and may be shaping a path towards a near future in research. Plus, the food was great, the awards gala was inspiring, the attendees all have amazing careers and stories to share, and the whole experience left me feeling deeply proud and humbled to be a nurse.

Thank you for the opportunity!