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Education & Professional Development: Become a Mentor

Why Mentor?

Every nurse remembers being a new graduate, being grateful to those nurses who helped you navigate your first months of practice.

The current and predicted nursing shortages and lack of a supportive environment for nurses in the workplace are well documented. It is also well documented that many nurses leave the profession during their first year of employment. A comprehensive mentoring program has been identified as an effective strategy to address these issues.

Former Mentors have also reported a number of benefits from their experience as a Mentor. They enjoyed being a Mentor, felt useful and re-energized, and believed they helped shape the next generation of professionals. They also valued the learning they received from the workshops, from their Mentees, and from the experience.

Please note, mentors should have a minimum of three years' experience.

What is the NNPBC Mentor Match program?

The Mentor Match program focuses on support for newly graduated (two years or less in practice) nurses.

The formal program consists of an on line virtual kick off meeting (1 hour), 8 on line self study units, 2 virtual Q&A sessions as well as online support and follow-up. The informal program is for the Mentor to plan and organize meeting with your Mentee, in person if possible or on line. Most Mentors and Mentees connect every 1-2 weeks in the beginning of the relationship, depending on individual needs.


The formal program launch dates are as follows:

September InTake
Kick Off Virtual Meeting September 18, 2019

2pm - 3pm
October InTake
Kick Off Virtual Meeting October 10, 2019

8pm - 9pm
November InTake
Kick Off Virtual Meeting November 19, 2019

9am - 10am


All workshops will be held on Zoom Meetings.


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