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Education & Professional Development: Become a Mentee

Why be a Mentee?

Graduating from a nursing program is a considerable achievement! Every nurse remembers being a new graduate, especially the experiences and nurses who shaped their first months of practice. Being a Mentee provides the opportunity to be supported, coached, and mentored.

Former Mentees have reported a number of benefits from their experience. They enjoyed sharing experiences and know-how, felt the program enhanced their self-esteem and confidence, and believed the program strengthened the profession. They also valued the learning they received from the workshops, from their Mentors, and from the experience.

When is the NNPBC Mentor Match program?

The formal program launch dates are as follows:

September InTake
Kick Off Virtual Meeting September 18, 2019

2pm - 3pm
October InTake
Kick Off Virtual Meeting October 10, 2019

8pm - 9pm
November InTake
Kick Off Virtual Meeting November 19, 2019

9am - 10am


All workshops will be held on Zoom Meetings.


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