Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC
NNPBC is a not for profit society registered in the province of British Columbia in September, 2018


Why did you decide to enter the nursing profession?

From high school I went right into accounting and administration. I heard a radio ad for jobs at Riverview Hospital. As I was looking for a change, I took up an offer there. I enjoyed interacting with the patients so much, I decided to become a health care worker and this hands-on work inspired me to consider nursing. I applied at Douglas College for the general nursing program but was asked if I was interested in psychiatric nursing. Even though I had worked at Riverview, I didn't know about psychiatric nursing. The wait list was shorter for the RPN Program so I applied and got accepted. I fell in love with the program, this career and have been inspired ever since by the people I have served.

How did you get to where you are today?

Much like my pathway into nursing, when I see an open door, I go through it - meaning, when opportunities present themselves, I usually take them. That's the great thing about nursing. There are so many varied and interesting career opportunities. I started in tertiary care, took an opportunity to work at a community psychiatric hospital in acute care and eventually moved to a position as a community mental health nurse. I was a union shop steward so did some labour relations training which lead me to positions within the union. Those positions opened doors for me in regulation, human resources and work for health employers.

What has been the most rewarding thing in your nursing career?

People - interacting with them, listening to them, caring for them. They inspired me to get into nursing and have kept inspiring me throughout my 27 years of nursing.

What has been the most challenging?

Starting new positions can lead to a lot of self-doubt and second thoughts. You leave behind good friends and the comfort of having confidence in your skills and abilities. Although accepting change has been the most challenging aspect of my career, it's really helped me to be honest and patient with myself and others.

What advice would you give to new nurses?

Don't let fear of the unknown stop you from trying new things - whether a new job, a new committee or a new way of practice. There are so many opportunities in nursing - education, volunteering, or job prospects just to name a few. Seize your opportunities!

Nursing is...

A lifelong journey that encompasses who you are. Once a nurse, always a nurse! Interpersonal skills learned and honed through nursing transfer to all that you do. The privilege of being and caring for people- whether through research, education, administration or hands on care doesn't end it just transitions into more opportunities.