NNPBC Guiding Principles

NNPBC operates under a series of guiding principles that underpin each of the decisions made by the Councils and the Board of Directors.

  • All of NNPBC's work is anchored in a culture of safety, humility, equity, diversity, inclusion and active anti-racism.
  • NNPBC is a member driven organization and as such we remain responsible to and focused on meeting the needs of our membership.
  • NNPBC is committed to promoting and providing service to each of the nursing domains of practice (Administration, Leadership, Clinical Practice, Research and Policy) as well as upholding nursing core values of integrity, autonomy, human dignity, and social justice.
  • NNPBC ensures that the nursing voice is positioned to advocate for and affect system level change.
  • NNPBC will always remain committed to the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion and recognizes that it is important to commit to ongoing listening and learning.
  • NNPBC upholds the science and evidence on which nursing is firmly grounded.